Consider this a warm welcome into my studio for the official release of my newest collection of paintings called the “She’s Been Everywhere, Man!” Series. 

If we were together in person, I’d offer you a fancy beverage and excitedly show you around the studio while the faint sounds of a Johnny Cash album played in the background...


But since we are apart, take a moment to watch this special video I made that debuts each new painting and explains the unique reasons I started this series.


I am grateful you are here. I hope these Americana inspired paintings give you the same amount of joy and wanderlust they gave me in the process of creating them. 


Original Artwork

There are ten hand crafted paintings in the "She’s Been Everywhere, Man!" Series. Each playful piece of art features illustrative American landscapes, highly detailed custom cars, and timeless female figures.


Through the use of vibrant automotive enamel paint, colorfully layered onto a stretched 12”x24” cotton canvas, each piece of artwork depicts a nostalgic scene with a modern twist. 


All paintings come custom framed in beautiful, hand made, walnut float frame. 



Limited Edition Prints 

“She’s Been Everywhere, Man!" Limited Edition Prints are the highest quality,  professional reproduction prints avaible from the ACC Art Studio and are the only prints offered in the same size as the original artwork. 


These stunning, 16”x28” prints are made-to-order using a specialized printing technique known as Giclée printing. This process ensures that the print will look and feel identical to the original painting for half the price of an original artwork. Each collectible print is hand signed by the artist, numbered out of 30, and accompanied  with a sealed certificate of authenticity.  


*Also available in a Print Set of ten.

Posters & Home Decor

The “She’s Been Everywhere, Man!” Series is now offered through fineartamerica.com!


Through Fine Art America you can select your own custom framing and print options for your poster or print and have the finished artwork delivered straight to your doorstep, ready to hang!


 You can affordably collect the “She’s Been Everywhere, Man!” Series on metal prints, wood prints, canvas prints, framed posters, coffee mugs, phone cases, and much more!


*Posters and prints offered through Fine Art America are smaller than the original paintings and limited edition prints and are neither signed or numbered.

Postcard Gift Sets

The "She’s Been Everywhere, Man!" Postcard Set is a fun way to collect all ten designs in the She’s Been Everywhere Series on a small format.


Each post card is vibrantly printed, front and back, on thick quality card stock. With this gift set you will receive all ten of the She’s Been Everywhere painting designs, beautifully packaged together with an Asphalt Canvas branded vellum band. 



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